Magick By Trial & Error: Dust My Broom

I had a great chat this weekend about the origins of my occult practices and it really set off a flood of old memories, so many things that while not altogether forgotten, were certainly resting beneath a thick coating of dust. I suppose that’s a byproduct of being a bit longer in the tooth. When one can trace their roots in craftwork back nearly fifty years then I suppose more than a few things slip by the wayside, unpracticed… no longer an integral part of one’s repertoire and routine.

There’s a danger in that, I think. We need ritual in our lives.

While I maintain a daily prayer each morning to Óðinn, the vættir, and folk, and I normally settle in at work and perform a quick Tarot reading to start my day with some foresight into what’s to come, there was a long period when I devoted far more time to my magical and spiritual well-being. I was actively engaged.

I suppose these daily blog sessions have been a way to return to that state of mind where magick and purpose are ever-present.

I find myself to be less experimental than in my youth, which is something that occurred to me as we talked this past weekend. I have become complacent, sort of set in my ways. The thing is, I don’t think it’s a matter of learning new things per se, but rather dusting off some of the old bag of tricks and taking them for a spin now and then.

Magick is a living and breathing art, and if we allow ourselves to become stale, then the art suffers.

Too much theory and not enough practice may be good for the mind, but not the soul. As the title of this blog suggests, we, meaning I, need more trial and error…

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