Ghost Hunting Tales: Chill & Dark Shadows


One of the more chilling experiences I’ve had came on an evening when I hosted a paranormal investigation at a confidential location in North Central Indiana. The Italianate building we were called to once housed a prestigious fraternal lodge, and it was in the former great hall that the event I want to share took place.

While female investigators were exploring what was affectionately referred to as “the demon closet”, the men took to the great hall.

Demonologist Brad Pate was playing a full-chorus Catholic Exorcism from his laptop, hoping to provoke a response from the preternatural entity believed to reside there.

Investigator (and inventor) David LaBrecque was sitting on the main stage, using an infrared thermometer to spot check temperatures around the room.

My colleague and I were sitting in two chairs beneath an antique gaslight chandelier.

As the exorcism droned on, I was looking toward David when I saw a black shape rise up behind him, taking full human form. It loomed above him and I called out. David stood quickly and the shadow moved away from him, south along the stage until it disappeared beneath one of the ocular windows.

At that moment, I felt enveloped by an oppressive assault of bitter cold. I gasped and looked to my colleague who was experiencing the same…

David, checking the thermal, confirmed that the temperature had plummeted 20° where we were sitting.

It was, without question, compared against literally hundreds of cold spot episodes in my decades of investigating, the most dramatic temperature fluctuation I had ever experienced.

Needless to say, the location is a favorite haunt of mine. I have explored her many times before and since. Believe me, I have many more stories to tell about that place… but for now, I leave you with this short tale to keep in the back of your mind, the next time you experience a chill in the night. Look around. There may be more than meets the eye, there in the dark where the shadows lie.

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