Three for Thursday: Storytellers

I had no time today to settle in and devote a little TLC to Thursday’s calling, so here I sit, posting on my phone after wolfing down some post-hike eggs.

So how about something easy, like my three favorite storytellers.

Number Three is Katherine Kurtz, author of The Adept series (with Deborah Turner Harris), and the Deryni fantasy novels, among others. Just a wonderful storyteller who has never failed to sweep me off my feet.

Number Two is Neil Gaiman, who transcended comics to become a brilliant myth-spinner. Obviously, Sandman was amazing, but as a novelist and short story teller he has become a consummate storyteller.

Number One should come as no surprise — Robert E. Howard encapsulates my life philosophy in his thunderous and effortless prose. While his sword and sorcery tales of Conan are my favorites, he could write masterfully in any genre.

Wish I had more time to chew the fat on this. If you’ve not read any of the above, now seems about right to rectify that.

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