Wyrd Wednesday: Snowfall

Winter is magic… especially when it visits us in springtime. I have always felt a deeper connection to the gods in wintertide. I suppose pop culture has a hand in that, but it’s been there for me since I was a child.

The snowfall was a welcome distraction from the news of the day.

While I stand by my conviction that the Aesir and Vanir are not patrons of philosophies, seasons, or elements in the same way other pantheons, such as the Greco-Romans, are venerated, I cannot think of winter without having both Skaði and Ullr in mind.

It is not that I see them as the Goddess and God of Winter, but that they are both associated with that season through their personalities and interests. And that’s the crux of it — the gods are living, sentient beings, not the anthropomorphic representations of storms, the sea, the hearth, or what have you. I understand it’s easier to think of them in that way, but for me, I find it limits them, reduces them to a representation rather than acknowledge that they have their own agency.

I appreciate the gods as individuals, not as aspects of nature.

That said, we all worship in our own way. The challenge for the reconstruction of our ancient folkway has always been building from the scant information that survived the Christian conversion. So much of it is tainted, forcing us to recreate our faith with intuition, extrapolation, and personal gnosis.

I believe the gods speak to us at all times, though it is often hard to quiet our minds that we might hear them. For me, I hear them best when the world is covered in snow…

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