Tarot Tuesday Three-Card Reading

Welcome to the rebirth of Tarot Tuesdays. I thought I would start things off with a reading — a simple three card draw. For those unfamiliar, three card readings are often done for quick answers to pertinent questions. They represent the past, present, and future.

Today I’ll be using a deck of my own design — The Occult Detective Tarot. Let’s see what the Fates have in store for us.

We’ll start this off with a not so simple question, “How will we fare as we come out of the pandemic?”

The first card drawn is from the Major Arcana — The Devil. The Past Position represents recent events that have transpired leading up to the present situation, relating to your question. In this case, The Devil represents a seduction by the material world, but can also depict fear or bondage. I guess this is fitting as we see many of our COVID restrictions being lifted. We are moving away from the fear and lockdown protocols.

The second card is the 7 of Water, the card of Shamanism. This is the Present Position and reflects our current state of affairs as related to the question at hand. The 7 of Water represents the ability to see through illusion. I have my own thoughts on why this card found its way into this draw, I’ll let you make your own conclusions.

The third card drawn is the 8 of Air, the Private Eye. This is the Future Position and typically shows the probable outcome. The Private Eye is hard-nosed and down-on-his (or her) luck, trapped by circumstance, but dogged and persevering. They tend toward having a victim mentality. Everyone’s out to get ’em. Is this saying that, as we (meaning the majority) slide back into our day to day lives, that we will feel set upon, that we will be working to persevere against an oppression brought on by pandemic response?

Can you see another interpretation?

Food for thought. And that’s why tarot is an invaluable tool…

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