It’s well past time I got back to some semblance of bloggery, so I’ve set up some themes for myself and a loose itinerary. Do not take any of this as gospel, meaning I will not, necessarily, post every day of every week, but I will be more present and I hope that the path laid out below is of interest to you and hopefully will spark some engagement.

So, what’s all this then?

Mondays I will be posting about magick in all its various guises and predominately from my own perspective, though I’m sure philosophical ponderings will rear their ugly head now and then. I imagine I’ll ruffle some feathers here and there, but that’s the nature of the beast in the current climate we find ourselves in. You can expect book reviews to be posted here as well.

Tuesdays I’ve set aside for Tarot. I plan to do readings on various subjects and discuss my interpretations of the cards. I also hope to showcase and review various decks. I will dabble, from time to time, in other divinatory methods, especially runes.

On Wednesdays I will delve into all sorts of interests, predominately related to my faith. Here I will discuss my work with the ancestors, with the gods and vættir, but also about art, writing, bushcraft, hiking, woodcarving, and the like, because I find these things intricately linked to my spirituality.

Thursday is probably the day I will be most consistent in my blogging. Each week I will post a Top 3 list in all manner of areas of interest. This is where the real fights will be sparked.

And finally, Friday. I’ve reserved the final day of the week for sharing stories from my fascination with urban legends and folk tales related to my neck of the woods. Here I’ll spin old yarns and present new investigations as they come up.

While a lot of my peers have turned to releasing content like this through patreon, I’m just not comfortable holding my hat out. I’d rather see how things play out here. So, let’s set this little experiment to light.

See you on Monday.

2 Responses to “Nóttveiða”

  1. This sounds great!

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