Midwinter has come

Merry Midwinter, my friends, and Happy Holidays. This is an auspicious day, with the heavens displaying a magical conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. For those of us more grounded in Northern European philosophies, these planets represent Thor and Freyr in spirit, and as this conjunction unfolds, great changes should be felt, especially for the sensitive, globally.

The social and economic upheavals and the pandemic have exposed just how precarious modern society is. For those of us who cling to the old ways, who still have a foot in the heather, as they say, it has been evident for years.

Change abounds. Magic, it seems, is in the air…

It will be comforting to put 2020 behind us and face the future as it unfolds. Speaking of which —

On January 4, 2021, I expect to publish my 11th Annual Occult Detective Awards. I think there just might be a few surprises to pop up on this year’s list.

Additionally, I will be interviewed on Ash Hamilton’s relaunch of Parafactor on January 7th (I’ll let you know when the episode airs).

Bordermen Games will be publishing RPGPundit’s The Invisible College, an authentic magick OSR RPG, sometime in the first quarter, but most likely somewhere in the neighborhood of the Spring Equinox, with supplemental materials to follow. The Invisible College will be available via Amazon, Drive Thru RPG, and other online retail outlets.

Bordermen Games is also working on a sword and sorcery ROG/Boardgame hybrid with an established IP that will launch in the fourth quarter as a kickstarter. Details to come.

The main focus for me in 2021, however, is my family’s health. Seeing us all back strong and hale. We have trails to wander, logs to split, and fires to be tended. And I’ve work yet to do on my pallet bothy… One of the most important things to come from this disastrous 2020 is a renewed faith in the gods of my ancestors, in an even great importance placed on family, and of our need for spiritual awakening.

We are faltering. This needs to change. With fervor, we must embrace the truths of our cultural heritage and gather our strength for the long road ahead. The spirits are restless… and so am I.

So, I wish you all the very best. May the coming year find you whole.

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