Occult Detective Countdown 17/20: Frank Black

Millennium was ahead of its time and deserved a much bigger audience than it generated in its three seasons of FOX. Season One was certainly the strongest, with the final two seasons being rather uneven, largely due to showrunner musical chairs, but despite this, Lance Henriksen’s Frank Black is a brilliant character and a quintessential occult detective.

Black, a former FBI Agent and criminal profiler, has minor psychic abilities, being able to see through the eyes of the criminals he pursues. Henriksen is the perfect actor for the role, bringing an intensity and vulnerability to the character.

While the series finale ended on a cliffhanger, closure was attempted in an episode of the X-Files and there was also a comic a few years back. Still, the creators, cast, and fans have clamored for a true endcap to the Millennium story and a movie would certainly be welcome.

In recent days, the series star, Lance Henriksen, has voiced interest, via twitter, in revisiting the character. With any luck we’ll see Frank Black return in a limited series or film on one of the many streaming services out there.

A Note on the Occult Detective Countdown: As I make my way through a list of some of my favorite occult detectives, bear in mind, I am not recording them in any particular order. I thought it would be more fun to release them organically, narratively rather than in a simple “best to worse” format. I’ll let you decide for yourselves their pecking order.

I will be posting to the countdown roughly every other day throughout our 40 Days of Hallowe’en adventure.

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