Occult Detective Countdown 14/20: Lucifer Morningstar / #40DaysofHallween

This weekend I started watching Helstrom on Hulu, a Marvel Comics property based on one of my favorite comics as a child, The Son of Satan. What does that have to do with Lucifer? Quite a lot actually.

Lucifer sprang from the Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Universe for DC Comics and, much as I’ve discovered on Helstrom, when the show was adapted for television by FOX, they took certain liberties that caused it to stray from the source material.

Usually I am adamantly opposed to such shenanigans, but in both cases, by leaning heavily into the Occult Detective genre, they won me over. In regard to Lucifer, it became one of my favorites, and Lucifer Morningstar himself, high on my list of paranormal detectives.

The premise finds Lucifer bored with being the Lord of Hell, so the devil relocates to Los Angeles, where he opens a nightclub called Lux, eventually forming a connection with a homicide detective who has the ability to make him vulnerable…more human.

Tom Hollis is perfect in the title role, though far removed from the Lucifer of the comics. It is better, much like the Constantine feature film, to view it as its own independent entity.

As an occult detective dramedy, it’s just what this paranormal adventurer ordered. With storylines that have brought forth Cain, Lilith, Eve, and Lucifer’s Mom, Lucifer navigates the complicated biblical hierarchy and mythology with charm.

And being eligible for binge-watching on Netflix is a devilish twist that is worthy of the Fallen One himself.

Now I’m just hoping Helstrom holds up. We can never have enough occult detective fare on the small screen…

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