Occult Detective Countdown 7/20: The Scooby Gang

No, not these guys, but they certainly fit the bill.

I’m talking about the originals —
Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby

Wait, does that make Buffy Summers an analog for Scooby Doo, because clearly Giles is Fred, Cordelia is Daphne, Willow is Velma, and Xander is Shaggy. Weird. But I digress…

I knew at some point I would be adding Scooby Doo to the countdown, but a strange synchronicity sort of cemented it for me when I saw the following parked in front of the building that was the subject of this past weekend’s paranormal investigation.

As it turned out, the van did not belong to any of the erstwhile ghost-breakers I was meeting with, but rather the dishwasher in a local restaurant. Strange, but most certainly true.

Scooby Doo came on the scene back in 1969, September 13th to be exact. I was three and a half years old then, so I can’t say I was watching from its debut, but by the time I hit kindergarten it was most certainly my favorite cartoon, and, in retrospect, a huge influence on my life, shaping my extracurricular activities for more than fifty years.

Scooby Doo, Where Are You? was certainly an innovative show, combining compelling paranormal mysteries with skeptical deductive reasoning. As a kid, I was always disappointed when the mask came off and the monster was revealed to be a person, not yet realizing that the lesson was the worst monsters are always the people hiding behind masks…

Scooby Doo evolved over the years, and yes, there were many mistakes along the way. Like most, I hated Scrappy Doo, though it was a great set-up for the gag in the live action movies that I actually quite enjoyed.

My favorite iteration was Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated which debuted in April, 2010, when my son was six years old. I supposed it shaped him as much as the original shaped me, and I enjoyed sharing it with him.

Mystery Inc was a great homage to the original while deep diving into X-Files territory, with nods to HP Lovecraft, Robert E Howard, Twin Peaks, and so much more.

Without realizing it at the time, Scooby Doo was my first real introduction into the world of the occult detective. They taught me everything I really ever needed to know about the field: remain skeptical; gather clues; solve the mystery.

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