Happy October! #40DaysofHalloween

For those who don’t follow my twitter or facebook author page, here is where my mind was at this morning.

Yesterday, I read a 2014 interview with Jimmy Page, from GQ of all places, that was cracking good. My son has been discovering Zeppelin in recent months, and as I still place Page on a considerably high altar, that has been a thrill for me.

But I was reminded of all the “satanic panic” nonsense that surrounded Page and the band growing up, and around the untitled album, called 4 or Runes or Zoso or what have you. Play Stairway backwards and you’ll hear Plant opine about “my sweet Satan” and other oddities.

One of my favorites was that, if you placed the inner artwork up to a mirror, the face of the devil would be revealed. Well, quite clearly, as evidenced by the image I’ve recreated at the top of the page, it is not the Christian Devil that appears, but rather the Egyptian god of mummification, the afterlife, and, perhaps more importantly, of lost souls.

“You have the hermit, and you have the aspirant. And the aspirant is climbing toward the hermit, who is this beacon of light. The idea is that anyone can acquire truth at any point in his life.ā€ ā€” Jimmy Page

The idea of Anubis as the god of lost souls fits in well with Page’s explanation for the symbolism of the Hermit illustration, and Barrington Coleby’s artwork is stunning… mirrored or not.

As for now, I wish you all a Happy October! This is, as I’ve probably overstated, my favorite time of the year, without question. There is something positively magical about the season, on both a mundane and spiritual level, but this year’s Hallowe’en is a far different creature than in years past.

I hope everyone stays safe, has fun, and wears an appropriate mask.

Please help to continue to keep the Spirit of Hallowe’en alive in the hearts of the young and old alike, despite the current social, political, and medical climate.

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