If the Spirit is Willing / #40DaysofHalloween

Michael Hughes posted on twitter, “Weird that I don’t get requests to appear on podcasts anymore.” I was having the same thought. Usually my inbox is inundated at this time of year, setting up interviews and what have you for the Witching Season, but I suppose there are more pressing matters on everyone’s minds, and Samhain is taking a back seat to matters of the material.

More’s the pity. We can have our pumpkin cake and eat it too.

We have become mere shadows of our former selves. The pandemic has shown where we are weakest, both above and below. Cabin fever, or something akin to it, has everyone on the verge of total lawlessness.

What was it Howard said? “Barbarianism is the natural state of mankind. Civilization is unnatural. It is the whim of circumstance. And barbarianism must ultimately triumph.”

But I digress. We are here to celebrate Hallowe’en and all that entails. There are still some of us willing to cast word to spell and see what comes crawling out of the dark. So, if the spirit is willing, let’s turn our gaze inward and conjure up something spooky.

It’s a task to be sure, especially when things are scary enough in the mundane world. But let us set that aside shall we and invoke wards upon our fragile state. What hungers just beyond the gate, behind the veil that separates this world from that? Oh, believe me, the spirits of those other realms are licking their lips at the crackling energies being manifest by our distress.

Tell me, my fellow occult detectives, have you noticed a darker turn in your investigations of late? How about you, conjurers of spirit forms and the gods of our ancestors? How fare these breaches into the otherworldly?

Believe me, I’ve taken note. There are dark, unseen forces on the rise, and they would take us to task, hoping we are distracted by pestilence, unrest, mourning, and death. If you allow these things to take root in your consciousness, then you have no place in a working or investigation.

We have to be as wolves. Keep the pack close. Approach the preternatural with reverence, as always, but with a keen eye on defense.

It is the Witching Season after all, when the veil is thinning. Don’t let your guard down, not for one second. There are sinister forces that smell blood in the proverbial water.

As we begin to reenter the vocations of our magical lives, we must stay focused and stay safe, but we must also be prepared to help others. When the world grows dark, who else is there to shine a light?

This weekend, I plan on shooting some video to share next week, a little stroll through the early days of my paranormal adventures. Tomorrow, I’ll post the second installment of my Occult Detective Countdown, and Friday brings us an all new Last Writes.

Join us as the 40 Days of Hallowe’en continues…

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