The Occult Detective’s Last Writes with… Anthony Boyd (@Runeslinger)




Anthony Boyd, perhaps better known by his online nom de guerre, Runeslinger, is a prolific blogger and youtuber whose insights into tabletop roleplaying games, particularly those which exist “outside of the flickering circle of light which is mainstream gaming”, are both erudite and purposeful. As a champion of the form, he’s an inimitable ambassador.

In recent years, he has helped to spearhead #RPGaDay, a month long celebration of roleplaying games that was the brainchild of David Chapman. Throughout August, tabletop fans are encouraged to make daily posts, typically from a pregenerated list of questions or word prompts, the shine a positive light on the hobby.

As #RPGaDay begins tomorrow, bringing Anthony in today seems apropos. So let’s lend our ear to the esteemed Mr. Boyd, and see where his Last Writes might take us.


If I were to face a known date for death, much as I seem to be doing too often these days for others’, I am not sure that I would seek out any farewell experiences at all. If I did, I would definitely not indulge in a last moment with a favorite.


For my last meal, I would want to go light. I think something I cannot get here in Korea, and probably would not choose to eat were I in my home country. With that in mind, let’s say I might go for ravioli.


If I knew death were coming and could read while I waited, a book that would sit right in such circumstances would be James Branch Cabell’s Jurgen. I have read it twice, liking it the first time and disliking it the second. Third time seals the deal.


For a last film, perhaps an activity to go out on, I would be torn between To Have and Have Not and Big Trouble in Little China. In the end, I suspect I would go with what Mr. Burton believes is his adventure to reclaim his stolen truck as there is a message there that helps give a person perspective.


The last song I would want to listen to? That perhaps would be the hardest choice. One I might choose from a long and beloved list might be On the Wire by Sisters of Mercy – and then wait for life’s sound and fury to fade away~

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