Seven Pillars / #Occult30


Day Twenty-Four of #Occult30 — a month long celebration of
True Tales of the Strange & Unusual.


Driving along the Old Francis Slocum Trail that parallels the course of the Mississinewa River you’ll happen upon Westleigh Farms, an impressive estate that was home to a young Cole Porter. Built by Porter’s grandfather, J. O. Cole,  it’s a gorgeous property, sitting behind a wrought iron fence, well above the waters of the Mississinewa.

Below it lies Seven Pillars, a sacred site to the Miami Indians. Seven columns, carved into the limestone by the rise and fall of the river’s waters, stand out as a testament to nature’s wonders. For centuries, weathering along the bedding of the Liston Creek Limestone and the scouring action of the Mississinewa have carved rounded buttresses and grotto-like alcoves in the north bluff of the river, reaching from 25 to 50 feet above low water. The Miami used the area as a trading post with French trappers, and as a place where they held tribal counsel. Men judged harshly would often times be beheaded there from atop the cliff, their heads toppling into the waters below.


The Miami, or Mihtohseeniaki, believed the site to be home to what Europeans would refer to as fairy-folk, or land wights… preternatural beings who live between this world and the next, with the natural formations of the Pillars being a gateway between these worlds.

pillars4Seven Pillars is more than a geological curiosity, it is the epicenter to all the weird and wonderful paranormal phenomena in northern Indiana and home to unseen forces, sentient apparitions, and residual manifestations…

I spent years out at that site, marveling at the beauty of it, and trying to make contact with the spirits there. I witnessed the fluid mist as it drifted on the winds, and I heard the sounds of panicked feet stumbling through the icy waters…

But I’d never been able to capture anything on tape or film.

In 1994, my brother and I were out that way, taking pictures of Seven Pillars and the Porter House with a cheap disposable camera. Imagine our surprise when we had the pictures developed and the image below was captured.


In late 2004 I was asked to contribute to Jeff Belanger’s Encyclopedia of Haunted Places, the first directory to be written by dozens of the world’s leading paranormal investigators. One of the three entries I submitted concerned this truly amazing site that has been a part of my life for nearly fifty years.


It’s little wonder as to why the local tribes of Native Americans were drawn to this place. One can sense the energies that ebb and flow from this site held sacred for hundreds of years. A preternatural nexus, with a confluence of telluric currents and ley line convergences, Seven Pillars is home to myths and legends punctuated by an aura of mystery and inspiring beauty.


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