Father’s Day / #Occult30


Being the Twenty-First day of Occult30 — a month long
celebration of the strange and unusual

Father’s Day

Today marks the second I’ve celebrated since my father passed. I now stand at the head of my line, with my son behind me and the hope of future generations that yearn to spring from him.

I miss the men of my bloodline that are no longer here, those men I knew — my father, my paternal grandfather, my maternal grandfather and great-grandfather.

Each had a unique personality, despite all being born in Arkansas. Those similarities of being the product of poverty and migrant labor paled against their very different approaches toward embracing life.

I learned a lot from each of them and hope that I am a better man and father because of the lessons they taught me.

Ancestor worship is at the heart of my spirituality. Today I honor them and all of my forefathers, all the way back to the beginning.


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