Dinner for Wolves / #Occult30

Day Twenty of #Occult30 — a month long celebration of
True Tales of the Strange & Unusual.

Dinner for Wolves

Short post today, from my phone. It’s Midsummer, and there’s a lot on my plate. I hope the solstice is one filled with magic and wonder for you all.

Here’s a quick little stroll down memory lane, to a summer solstice in days gone by. The year was 1993.

A friend I had met during my adventures in the southwest reached out to me, telling me of “Dogman” sightings in the Batesville, Arkansas area.

He was convinced it was a skinwalker.

In Navajo culture, a skin-walker is a witch who can take on the form of an animal— most often that of a wolf.

It didn’t take much convincing. I packed my bags and headed south… back to the land of my forefathers.

After interviewing witnesses and scouring the town for clues, we made our way up into the Ozarks, hiking, camping, and tracking a wolfpack through those mountains.

While we never found our prey, never identified the skinwalker, it was an amazing journey— one that left an indelible mark on me and influenced all the investigations that came after…

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