Magick in the Time of COVID-19, Cheap Day Return



“The condition of the people was pitiable to behold. They sickened by the thousands daily, and died unattended and without help. Many died in the open street, others dying in their houses, made it known by the stench of their rotting bodies. Consecrated churchyards did not suffice for the burial of the vast multitude of bodies, which were heaped by the hundreds in vast trenches, like goods in a ship’s hold and covered with a little earth.”
— Giovanni Boccaccio

COVID-19 is not the Black Death. COVID-19 is, however, the first real pandemic that I have experienced in my 50+ years. It is, in a word, surreal. The panic is perhaps more infectious than the corona virus itself. The anxiety is palpable, and yet, too, there is a segment of the population that is utterly unmoved or concerned by the virus threat to the point of malaise.

There needs to be a balance between these two reactions.

Which brings me to magick.


In addition to our social distancing, self-quarantining, hand-washing, disinfecting, and short/mid-term prepping, we should not lose focus on our spirituality. As I have truly believed for as long as I can remember, we are spirits that have chosen to descend into matter to experience material existence. We are made of stardust and magick is our birthright.

Through all of this chaos that the world is choking on, we must not lose sight of the positive energy that flows through us, and we must channel that energy, that positivity, and give it back to our communities.

Our families, friends, and neighbors need us, and we need them.

Now is the time to lift one another up; to embrace this experience; to bend it and shape it to our will that it might feed our spirit and move us onward and upward in service to the divine path each of us walk.

Now is the time to make magick, like we never have before.

Magick is not some impenetrable shield to protect us from the virus, but it is a powerful tool of healing and comfort, and it can be an undeniable influencer, making subtle shifts that create ripple effects through reality.

Whatever flavor you prefer, make magick a part of you. Make the world around you better by force of will.

We can, collectively, make a difference, even in quarantine.

If you need supplies, might I suggest Lailokens Awen, the finest purveyor of occult wares you’re likely to find in the Western Hemisphere. You’ll not find more magically charged and potent candles short of making them yourself.

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