Over Under Sideways Down


Stan Lee said something to the effect of, “Thor can have all the adventures he wants in Asgard, but every once in awhile he has to return to Earth to take a trouncing from the Absorbing Man.”

I don’t believe there’s ever been a better metaphor to explain the life of a magician than this. For all the wondrous explorations into the multiverse, all the magic and fellowship, and esoteric shenanigans one is a part of, the “real world” comes a-calling.

We are spirits, to be sure, but we have chosen to wear these uncomfortable and poorly engineered meat-suits, as we wallow in the material plane as beings of matter. For all the weighty, philosophical, and metaphysical gymnastics we perform in the imaginative spaces of other planes, we are still beholden to this one.

And when we delve into the mysteries, peeling that esoteric onion — when we engage in unseen forces — we do so in frail physical forms that are emotionally connected to others of our ilk, and sometimes we falter.

Such is the marriage of spirit and flesh, of being a slave to the biological processes that govern our physical forms. But, I have long held that one should deny neither, for spirit and flesh are in a symbiotic relationship.

We have to remember, we chose to descend into this plane for a reason, perhaps many times over, because for all the wonders of the heavens, it is this world of matter where we can interact with creation in ways unimaginable to those solely spirit.

Or so I tell myself, when the body fails, or the weight of financial concerns rear their heads. It’s all part of the process, part of the dues for being able to be a part of something instead of above it and transcendent.

We’re here for a bloody reason, to express our True Will, and to embrace life in all its peaks and valleys.

2 Responses to “Over Under Sideways Down”

  1. Bob, what a beautiful way to think, and one in which I can full heartedly stand behind.

    Thanks for the reminder, and the element saying which you gave it.

  2. Thanks, Rick. Glad it spoke to you.

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