My thoughts on Hellier

Back when Stranger Things first dropped, one of my twitter followers commented that he imagined that it was a documentary of what my life would have been like as a child. He wasn’t too far off, to be honest.

I grew up outside of a town much smaller than the fictional Hawkins, but the late 70s-early 80s vibe, the bikes, D&D, and altogether ‘weirdness’ that permeated the area certainly was captured, thematically, by Stranger Things. Minus the weird extradimensional creatures and cute psionic teenager of course.

As much as Stranger Things felt like a stroll down memory lane for me, watching the Hellier docu-series on Amazon Prime Video was even more so. Want to have a rough idea what Bob’s life as a late-teen was? Yeah, Hellier cuts pretty close to that bone.


Of course their adventures were in the caves and small towns of Kentucky, in Hellier and Somerset, where as my cave and woodland adventures with cults and animal sacrifices and the strange and unusual took place in and around Somerset, Indiana, and a place called Hobbitland.

What was Hobbitland famous for, other than a teen hang-out for illegal drinking? Little people, as in ancient Miami legends of nature spirits that lived along the Mississinewa River.

So, yeah, Hellier struck a little close to home. Toss in the gematria, heavy doses of Crowley, and surrealistic contact with otherworldly entities, and you have my late teen years in a nutshell.

So, what did I think? First, let’s tackle the stuff that made my skin crawl (not in a good way). The worst offense were the pronunciations which drove me crazy a bit. Crowley rhymes with holy. Thelema is Tha-LEE-muh. That sort of thing. Some of the numbers were wonky. Some of the leaps in logic were sketchy…


All that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Greg and Dana Newkirk, purveyors of the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult, are charismatic, enthusiastic, and good people. I like the flavor of Dana’s magic. It felt very comparable to the witchery of my youth.

Their journey was a compelling one. And if they want to retackle Kentucky some more, or venture out into some other form of weirdness, then I’m more than willing to be a spectator of whatever adventure is next for them.

As for the production? Man, that was pretty top notch. From an investigation stand-point, they approach things differently than myself, but then most do. They were on point, however, and I never felt taken out of it. They all showed an unbridled curiosity and a fearlessness that was admirable.

If you’ve not watched Hellier, I highly recommend it.


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