Ghosts and Gunpowder

31 day blog challenge

I was largely away from the internet over the weekend, so let’s catch up.

SATURDAY, Oct 12: The Nativity of the Beast

Spent the morning and early afternoon with Kim & Conn, then set out to set up for the Converse Historical Society’s Haunted History event.

ghosttourThere was a decent turnout for our second annual gathering, and the film, being a collection of historical footage from 1937-1985 on loan from the Converse Public Library, was a huge success.

Of course, the highlight for me is always the “ghost tour” of the old building…

I hosted four outings, with the first two being completely uneventful, although the third showed a spattering of activity including two doors being opened by unseen spirits and an obvious presence that seemed to follow the group around, even lingering with us on the ground floor.

bobtourThe fourth was filled with all manner of proverbial ‘bumps in the night‘. The most inexplicable phenomena related to mimicry. Members of ISPI who were visiting reported they stopped attempting to collect EVP because other guests (including myself) were being too loud speaking downstairs. The thing is, we attempted to recreate the experience, and despite raising their voices, no one could be heard from the floors above.

Just prior to them reporting this incident, those downstairs had clearly heard the group upstairs descending and paused their conversation anticipating their arrival. However, they never materialized, at least not until several minutes later. They assured the downstairs group that no aborted attempt to come down was attempted.

All in all, the entire event was an amazing success and CHS looks forward to hosting it again next year.

SUNDAY, Oct 13: Gunpowder and Fry Bread

Kim, Connor, and I spent the morning along the banks of the Mississinewa River for Mississinewa 1812,  the largest War of 1812 living history museum in the US. Sponsored by the Mississinewa Battlefield Society, it is a historical commemoration of the Battle of Mississinewa fought on December 17-18, 1812.

Here’s a video from 2014 to give you an idea —

The food was great, we had an interesting conversation with one of reenactors, and it’s always a thrill to explore all the wares being peddled by the vendors.


Afterward, we came home and finally decorated the house for Hallowe’en, then Connor and I swung an axe for a couple of hours to remove large portions of our ailing willow tree before finally calling it a day. Kim had made lasagna, and after a terrific meal, we collapsed in front of the television and continued our binge watching of Medium on Prime.

Monday, Oct 14: Footsteps and Hammerfalls?

So, what’s on the agenda today? I’ve the day job to address and some review reading to get in (once I get my paperwork squared), then, if the gods are willing and the creek don’t rise, the family and I will take a short hike through a local forest and then get some much needed work done on the pallet shack, which is dangerously close to being finished.

What’s coming up on our 31 Day Challenge?

Book reviews of Kincaid’s Lost Teachings of the Runes, Weber’s The Morrigan, and Casas’ Divination Conjure Style; a report on the Logansport Civic Players’ performance of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow; recaps of our Occult Detective RPG playtesting; lots on the release of my novel Descendant; some exciting news regarding the First Born audiobook release; and much more.

17 days till All Hallow’s Eve!

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