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Suite: 16

Posted in Archive on October 9, 2019 by Occult Detective

31 day blog challenge

The high point of my favorite month and season is my son’s birthday. Connor turns 16 today, which is both amazing and frightening all at the same time.

On the one hand, he’s a marvel: a terrific young man with a big heart, a gifted storyteller, immensely helpful in all facets of our daily lives, and a great sounding board.

On the other, he’s freaking 16, which has me feeling somewhat long in the tooth and wondering where in the hell all our time has gone.


It’s an honor to be this kid’s father.

Happy Birthday, Connor.

You’re now a man grown, as they say, and the world is whatever you want to make it.

I envy the journey that lies ahead for you and I am thrilled I get to be a part of it.

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