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Every Man and Woman is a Star

Posted in Archive, Writing on September 11, 2019 by Occult Detective

I am excited to announce I will be appearing on The Star Chamber this evening, (Wednesday, the 11th of September) to talk about the release of Descendant and, I imagine, a whole host of other topics. I do have a tendency to chatter on about everything under the sun (moon and stars).

The Star Chamber is a weekly live podcast show hosted by Stephen Zimmer, Holly Marie Phillippe, and Daniel Dark that covers the world of creatives, from authors, to filmmakers, actors, game designers, musicians, artists, and more… It should be a blast. I’m slated to call in after 9 EST, so be sure to park yourselves early.

Another chat that should go down sometime in the next two weeks will occur on Signal of Doom, where I’ll be joining host David Finn from the swamp of comic and movie reviews. As it’s based in Australia, we are trying to navigate the time difference so that neither of us is put behind the proverbial 8 Ball.

bobfreeman copyAs long as you’re marking your calendars, I’ll be a guest at ParaUnity — a paranormal convention being held at the Riverview Event Center (421 W Canal St in Peru, IN) on Saturday, October 19 from 5– 8pm. I’ll be signing books and sharing stories of my more than 35 years of experience with the paranormal and occult. It would be great if you could come out and see me, live and in person.

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