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Cover Reveal for Descendant, A Novel of the Liber Monstrorum by Bob Freeman! Kindle Pre-Orders Open!

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For Immediate Release:

Seventh Star Press is proud to reveal the cover art by Bob Freeman for his new novel Descendant, A Novel of the Liber Monstrorum. Descendant will be released in print and eBook editions on October 31st, the day of Halloween!

Pre-order the Kindle edition today at the link below!

Kindle Pre-Order Link

A supernatural thriller that readers of horror will also love, Descendant includes several original illustrations from Bob Freeman! The novel is interrelated with Bob’s short story collection First Born: Tales of the Liber Monstrorum, but can be read on its own.

Synopsis: Descendant is a supernatural thriller filled with daring action, adventure, and artifice set against the backdrop of a very familiar world – but it is a world in which preternatural entities, clandestine magical orders, ancient bloodlines, and unholy alliances converge within the shadowed recesses of our darkest imaginings.

Federal Agents Selina Wolfe and Martin Crowe are called in to investigate a series of bizarre deaths in a small rural community. What first seems to be a misadventure involving black magic and satanic ritual soon takes on even more deleterious overtones, as the agents become embroiled in a plot by a sinister cabal intent on unleashing Hell on Earth.

About the Author:

Bob Freeman is an author, artist, and paranormal adventurer whose previous works include Shadows Over Somerset, Keepers of the Dead, and First Born.

A lifelong student of mythology, folklore, magic, and religion, Freeman has written numerous short stories, articles, and reviews for various online and print publications and is a respected lecturer on the occult and paranormal phenomena.

He lives in rural Indiana with his wife Kim and son Connor.

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