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Magicae Cameram

Posted in Magick, Writing on September 3, 2019 by Occult Detective


Yesterday I mentioned the work we’ve been doing on our pallet shack. It is coming along nicely and, despite several setbacks throughout the summer, I do expect to have the outside wrapped up and under roof by the start of October.

Really, there’s just the matter of addressing the front “saloon facia”, a bit of facia on the west side, and then decking and laying steel on the roof. Two good, cool days and that’ll button up this little Hoosier Bothy.


While the roof won’t exactly be easy, the real challenge will be the interior. Not that it will be difficult, but it will be time-consuming. But with the outside finished, I can work on the inside slow and easy. There’s no hurry. It’ll give me something to do once the snow starts flying.

Which leads me to a very important factor — heating the bloody thing.

In the picture above, you see a wood burning stove. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be usable. Conn and I tinkered with it yesterday and it’s just not going to work for us, which is a real shame.

guidegearInstead, we’re looking toward a smaller unit, a Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove, which should more than meet our needs.

Wasn’t keen on dropping the coin for it, but it will be well worth it in the end.

So, this fall, we’ll have a magical space, nestled amongst the trees, where we will laugh and tell stories and make memories to carry us through whatever dark times might rise ahead of us.

It will be a sacred space, to read and write and game and, yes, to weave magic in. We’ve been calling it the Bookhouse, after the cabin in the woods where Twin Peaks’ Bookhouse Boys gathered. It will serve a similar function, I imagine.

Time will tell.

This little devil’s den will also be home to this cool, double-sided tin sign, hand painted by a good friend of mine as a house warming present. I think it will serve the cabin well, and is indicative of what will transpire within its reclaimed walls.

Now to enlist the aid of an incorporeal spirit to watch over the place…

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