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Posted in Magick on August 31, 2019 by Occult Detective


Today’s card is

W2 Water Queen

Guidance from an intuitive, feminine current will manifest itself, bringing with it a good omen of security and positive psychic energy.


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Today’s card is


Change is coming and good fortune looms, but when the hand of destiny falls upon us, there is often a price to be paid.


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Today’s card is


Temperance cautions balance and moderation, and that one should test the waters before submerging oneself into a new project.


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Today’s card is


The Magician represents Will, the most powerful force in the multiverse, that when focused can shape destinies and manipulate reality.


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The card for today is

Fire 7

The Seven of Fire.

This card is a warning of how difficult deception and false narratives can be. It also represents the spirit realm and those who have unfinished business in the earthly plane…

The Countdown Begins…

Posted in Magick on August 26, 2019 by Occult Detective


The card for today is

F4 Fire Page

The Page of Fire

This card represents the beginning of a new adventure, where fresh ideas flourish, and anything is possible.

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