My thoughts on the latest Witches’ Almanac and Demarco’s 2019 Lunar & Seasonal Diary

WA 1978One of the books I look forward to every year is The Witches’ Almanac. I’ve been a follower for, goodness, something like 40 years, though I found them only sporadically back in the late seventies into the mid-nineties. But since then, they have become an annual obsession. I will admit to a fondness for the look and feel of the books when I was first picking them up, but I fully understand that the modern trade bound editions make far more sense.

The latest edition’s theme is Animals: Friends & Familiars.

In it, you’ll find the same attention to detail that made this such a vital part of the magical community since Elizabeth Peppers gave birth to it back in 1971. The Almanac is both timeless and timely.

I always appreciate the artwork throughout as it invokes early offset & letterpress printing.

You’ll find, as always, a wealth of information between its covers, with articles thoughtfully presented on a wealth of diverse topics. Of particular interest was a piece by Lon Milo DuQuette on the Holy Guardian Angel and The Black Dog by Morven Westfield.

If I were limited to a single book each year, I would unquestionably always call upon this trusted friend. I still pull old editions out to revisit articles that inspired me as a young man.

The Witches’ Almanac is available wherever books are sold, and priced at less than $10 on Amazon. More than worth a sawbuck for such a treasure.


I used to make prolific entries in a magical/dream record I kept from the mid-eighties until they all suspiciously disappeared in the early nineties. Since then, I have only sporadically made entries of any kind, save for those to be found on the internet.

Those ‘diaries’, written from my late teens to mid-twenties, were a vital part of my spiritual journey and I lament their absence. I would love to go back and relive some of those intense experiences, but alas, that is not to be.

I have given a lot of thought to revisiting the process, because I still think there is something to be gained from keeping an ongoing record and I was thrilled to receive a review copy of Stacey Demarco’s 2019 Lunar & Seasonal Diary from Rockpool Publishing.

I imagine most of you are aware of the author. Stacey Demarco is an Australian ‘spiritual pagan practitioner’, teacher, and witch who strikes me as being cut from that New Age pedagogue mold so prevalent in the late 20th Century with one clear distinction — she is infinitely more likeable. Maybe it’s the accent.

Demarco’s diaries are beautifully constructed spiral-bound workbooks filled with affirmations, spells, and informative articles on the seasons, all just dripping with positivity. It both screams Modern Witchery and last century New Agery at the same time.

Unfortunately, the Diary seems to be steeped in too much nuspeak idealistic liberal activism for my taste. That’s just not really my scene. I mean, I dig where they’re coming from, it just doesn’t seem very grounded to me personally. Your mileage may vary.

As I settle firmly into my greying years, my tolerance is not what it once was. I’m trying to work on that, to maintain that open-mindedness that was part and parcel to my more youthful dalliances with the preternatural. The thing is, I got burnt by a lot of New Age hokum back in the day, so my spidey-sense is pretty sensitive to such things.

That being said, I think their heart is in the right place and I’m going to put the diary to work over the coming year. I think it will prove to be a valuable tool and priced at less than $20 on Amazon, I think you might find it equally useful.

One Response to “My thoughts on the latest Witches’ Almanac and Demarco’s 2019 Lunar & Seasonal Diary”

  1. I also dig The Witches’ Almanac, for many of the same reasons, but I never seem to actually go back and refer to it during the year.

    You reminded me that I need to do something about my handwritten journal from 2000 – 2011 or so, when I went to the Cloud.

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