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Sidereus Materia

Posted in Magick by Trial & Error on August 9, 2018 by Occult Detective

We are mere weeks away from Hallowe’en. 82 days as I write this. I have been distracted for more days than we are distanced from my favorite time of year. I welcome this thinning of the veil, this reincarnate beast in gothic dress that slouches toward Converse to be reborn. I need this.

I’ve always been a creature of milestones, of defining moments and red letter days. I put weight on numbers and signs, apotheosis through synchronicity.

signWhen you look in the mirror, do you see what is real or is your imagination such that you give birth to a new and undefinable truth, a reality of your own making,

Is truth malleable?

Is reality what we make it?

It has to be so, or else delusion is the true beast and we its most humbled prey.

The wind whispers its answer to us. It knows the difference between what is magic and mundane. And the words formed of fire and water and earth join those airy utterances and the spirit rises…and falls.

Such is flesh.

Rise again, once more, with clenched fist and open heart. Bleed, bleed upon the grass and make your circle for the dance. Be brilliant, like the moon. Be radiant, like the sun.

Be a star.


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