My Second Favorite “Holiday”!


Today’s a special kind of day, full of all kinds of alignments.

Closest to home, it’s my mother’s birthday. She was born on a Friday which makes this solar return celebration a little more special, I would think. Unfortunately, she is weighed down by my father’s cancer. He is in “hospice care”, though they’ve been of little true help. It has been my mother’s burden to look after him. My brother and I have helped out as best we can, but it is she who is with him day in and day out. Today will be no different.


This is a picture of the Freeman clan, circa 1974. That’s my little brother Bret on the left, followed by me, my dad, and mom. I guess that would make Bret 4, me 8, dad 27, and mom 23 in the photo.

That was an important year for me, the year I mark as the beginning of my occult and paranormal obsession. It was also the year I discovered Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. The journey toward the person I am today began with the eight-year-old kid in that picture.


Speaking of which, I am on my second read through Jason Louv’s John Dee and the Empire of Angels. Today is John Dee’s birthday, born Saturday, the 13th of July, 1527, by Julian reckoning. The Gregorian calendar would not take precedence until 1582 so I think it fair to acknowledge it as such.

Louv has delivered the thus far definitive magical biography of Dee. It is an important work and I will be posting a review soon.

I have always had an unnatural attraction toward Friday the 13th. Folklore is a powerful thing, especially on impressionable children. Of all the superstitions that were bandied about the schoolyard, Friday the 13th was the most compelling. It seemed to be of only secondary importance to Hallowe’en as a day when arcane forces were at work, at least to my eight-year-old imaginings.

Thus it has always been my “second favorite holiday”.

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