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My review of Italian Folk Magic by Mary-Grace Fahrun

Posted in Magick by Trial & Error on May 2, 2018 by Occult Detective

fahrunNot exactly my cup of tea, or aperitivo if you will, but I found Italian Folk Magic a fun and insightful read just the same. Mary-Grace Fahrun has a terrific authorial voice — deadpan serious when she needs to be, but mostly energetic and humorous, perfectly capturing the essence of what one would expect from someone completely immersed in the kitchen witchery of her ancestors.

You’ll find recipes and rituals, spells and meditations that encapsulates the folk experience. This is “the craft” in its most simplistic and sublime. What you have is a fine and glowing example of “real magic”, that is, everyday magic, the magic of the folk, looking to make their lives more manageable, more productive, and, overall, safe and protected from outside forces.

The author has a gift for weaving the story around each bit of magic, making it personal and evocative, which is the heart of the country craft. I believe you’ll find Italian Folk Magic a wonderful journey, filled with Old World charm mixed with modern sensibilities…

Italian Folk Magic: Rue’s Kitchen Witchery by Mary-Grace Fahrun is well worth the price of admission and readily available wherever books are sold. I leave you now with this obligatory link to amazon, but challenge you to instead purchase from Red Wheel/Weiser if you can. While the price might be slightly askew, supporting the publisher direct is an altogether different kind of magic…

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