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A Tumultuous Tarot Tuesday

Posted in Magick by Trial & Error, Writing in Theory & Practice on April 3, 2018 by Occult Detective

On the last day of March I commented that it was “going out like a lamb to slaughter. Kicking and screaming a little bit, but of little consequence.” April has been a different matter altogether, with unexpected snowfall to the tune of a couple of billowy inches that blanketed my corner of the world on April Fool’s Day and into Monday morning, followed by today’s rather blustery cacophony of thunderous discourse in the heavens above.

I am quite partial to thunderstorms. While my seasonal preference leans toward Autumn, followed closely by Winter, Spring’s storms excite me. I revel in their majesty and marvel at the power that courses across the sky and tasks those of us below.

So, here I sit, in the haunted Hoosier heartland, while the wind howls and moans without, the driving rain pelting out pagan rhythms on the metal awning outside my office door… it seems the perfect atmosphere to do a little soul searching, occult detective-style.


Using the Major Arcana from my Occult Detective deck, I draw six cards.

  1. How I feel about myself: Death. Nice. It does mirror my inner thoughts — self-doubt, fear, feeling the weight of health concerns for myself and those closest to me. These thoughts are buried deep, but in quiet moments, they are there, like earthworms rising up in the lawn after a heavy rain.
  2. What I most want right now: The High Priestess. I’m looking for a secret to be revealed. No mystery there. Why else turn to the cards?
  3. My fears? Temperance. Ah, blissful harmony. How much longer can it possibly last? Deep down, it’s a fear many of us possess. Life is good, but financially it’s precarious at best. I have always tended to live on the edge.
  4. In my favor: The Chariot. Drive and ambition. Creativity is my strong suit. Ideas are in no short supply. Implementing them and staying focused on a single task, however…
  5. My opposition: Justice. Fate itself is against me? Not so, but close. Still, I am being warned against accepting bad advice and self-serving actions. Now that’s some advice I can take to heart.
  6. So, what lies in store for me? The Devil. Ah, a sinister warning to not over-indulge in my addictions. To succumb to such temptations is a danger to the world I’ve created for myself, but there is also the encouragement here to be bold, wild, and free, to cast aside all self-doubt and forge a path anew.

Were my questions answered? In part, and with further reflection, perhaps even more so. That’s the thing about a reading, it sparks self-reflection. I have a number of projects I’m working on at the moment.. well, that’s not really true. I have a number of projects I’m thinking about, all in various stages of development. I suppose it’s time to get down to the doing, to the completing of them.

Words seldom write themselves and pictures cannot be drawn until the pencil is in hand.

All acts of creation require magick to implement them. The artist must understand themselves, their purpose, their motivation clearly and succinctly before they can put their art into action, to bring it from the ethereal and into the world.

It is so easy to be lead astray, to lose focus. Life is so painfully short. There is no excuse not to live life to its fullest, to embrace with fervor that which makes you whole and complete. Live a life of adventure, but make it your own. It’s your story. You control your narrative. Be you, writ large on the page. Bask in the majesty and wonder of the world around you and celebrate your place within it.


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