Friday, riddled with bullets

“Out of the doorway the bullets rip to the sound of the beat.” — John Deacon (Queen)


  • 129 days until All Hallow’s Eve.
  • I’m feeling the old fire rekindled, a spiritual rebirth of sorts. How this will express itself remains to be seen. I have been too silent of late, too introverted and self-examining. There’s a storm brewing…
  • For the record, American Gods was far too short. A long wait ahead for season two. Gaiman’s novel has long been a favorite of mine. I’m very pleased with how its being adapted.
  • Kim, Conn, and I have delved into Babylon 5. Ambitious storytelling, to be sure. Pleased that they’re enjoying it, especially Connor, who can learn a lot from its narrative structure.
  • I’m waist-deep into a new Landon Connors short story which will be released in early July.
  • I continue to juggle two weekly Dungeons & Dragons Campaigns, both in 5e. The Saturday game is turning into an old school dungeon crawl as my players navigate Undermountain, while the Monday game is more of sprawling mystery leading them toward the snowy wastelands of the far, unexplored north.
  • Even more Landon Connors in the works, this time in a supporting role, in a new occult detective novel that will spotlight Michelle Hawkes, Operations Director of the FBI’s Paranormal Operations Division aka “Monster Squad”. Look for Stillborn to be serialized beginning in July.
  • Twin Peaks. Genius. Pure genius. David Lynch is at the top of his  surrealistic, psychedelic, schizophrenic game, while Mark Frost keeps him from straying too far off point, keeping the original cast as a poignant, nostalgic reminder of dark days past.
  • The Water Street Book Club is reading The Cabinet of Curiosities by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Long time coming with these books. Glad to finally be tackling the series. So far, Aloysius Pendergast has lived up to his reputation.
  • I released a trailer for my Cairnwood Manor series. You can watch it below. Cairnwood Manor will be featured in Stillborn by the way.

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