The Occult Detective’s #LastWrites with… Michael West


Welcome to the twentieth installment of LAST WRITES.

The premise is simple. My guests face their final rest, but before Death claims them they are granted a few earthly pleasures, the memories of which will travel with them into the great unknown.

mwestToday’s guest is Michael West, author of Cinema of Shadows, Spook House, The Wide Game, Skull Full of Kisses, and the critically-acclaimed Legacy of the Gods series.

A graduate of Indiana University, West earned a degree in Telecommunications and Film Theory, and since that time, he has written a multitude of short stories, articles, and reviews for various on-line and print publications.

He lives and works in the Indianapolis area with his wife, their two children, their turtle, Gamera, and their dog, King Seesar.



Seafood enchiladas. My two favorite types of food are seafood and Mexican food, so combining them would be the way to go.


Stephen King’s The Stand. This and ‘Salem’s Lot are my two favorite books of all time. I re-read them every few years, and it always seems like I find something new with each reading. I would go with The Stand because it’s a longer work, and it might give me a bit more time to live. LOL


ALIENS. I have been a fan of the Xenomorph for nearly my entire life, and this is my all-time favorite film. Flawlessly combines Action, Horror, and Sci-fi. Character, plotting, and effects… A perfect film.


Either Hotel California by The Eagles or Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. These are two of the greatest songs ever written, and I really couldn’t go wrong with either choice.


This is a tough one. There are so many people who have left this world that I would love to meet, everyone from George Washington to Prince, but I think I would like to sit down and have a drink with Edgar Allan Poe. I think, as a Horror writer, that would be a great way to start eternity.

For more information on Michael, visit his official homepage, Amazon Author Page, or follow on twitter and facebook.

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