Laevisomnus Rex

kenning: a compound expression in Old English and Old Norse poetry with metaphorical meaning.

bind-rune: a ligature of two or more runes, conjoined  to form a glyph.


We are not whole. Unbound, adrift, with the world in turmoil and confusion, we are lost, individually, culturally, politically, and spiritually.

The US Presidential Campaign and subsequent ‘post-election Trump Ascension’ has turned a spotlight on our division. But this is so much bigger than us versus them. It is not black against white, or right against left, or even good versus evil. It’s a far deeper rabbit-hole we’ve tumbled into.

Each of us is a union of the corporeal and incorporeal. We are mind, body, and spirit; three parts to make a whole. Our mind and body are unique to us, but our spirit is linked to that of every other living thing in this vast universe.

We must become whole individually before we can ever hope to heal collectively. Too many of us are avoiding the inconvenient truth—that we are all complacent in the world around us.

We all want something for nothing. Sorry, but that’s not the way it works. There is a reason that we choose to muddy about in these meat suits. There needs to be an acceptance, an understanding, but somehow it all got mixed up and we’ve found ourselves floundering.

The universe is doing its level best to pull back the veil. It is up to us to acknowledge and accept the responsibility that this is the world of our choosing.

The sleeper must awaken.


The thing about Trump is (and you just knew I’d get back around to him), he is a catalyst of change; he is our trial by fire; he is the agent of our awakening.

Nap time is over. We’ve got work to do.


I am reading The Lake House by Kate Morton (Kim’s Water Street Book Club pick) and The Invisibles by Grant Morrison.

I am studying The Way of Tarot: The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Marianne Costa; and Futhark: A Handbook of Rune Magic by Edred Thorsson

I am working on an untitled sword & sorcery short story or novella; Occult Detective: The Roleplaying Game; a new cartography project; and in the planning stages are a revisit to some old Lion’s Den Studios material (our 30 year anniversary is coming up) and a video series.

I am playing Dungeons & Dragons and Skyrim (though far less now than in weeks past).

I am watching Critical Role, Forged in Fire, The Curse of Oak Island, plus the Arrowverse, Riverdale, and, perhaps best of all, Deep Space Nine.

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