The Occult Detective’s #LastWrites with… Cullen Bunn



Welcome to the fifteenth installment of LAST WRITES.

The premise is simple. My guests face their final rest, but before Death claims them they are granted a few earthly pleasures, the memories of which will travel with them into the great unknown.

cbunnToday’s guest is comic book writer and author Cullen Bunn, best known, perhaps for work on Uncanny X-Men and Deadpool, but around here The Damned, The Sixth Gun, and Helheim get top billing.

I also have a soft spot for his short story collection, Creeping Stones & Other Stories, and my son would kill me if I didn’t acknowledge Crooked Hills.


At first, I was real quick to say I’d go for one of those “Special Dinners” you can get at a lot of Mexican restaurants, the ones that come on four plates and have a little of everything. Wash that down with a really amazing monster margarita and I’m all set.

But then I realized I would probably go with a fried chicken and barbecue combination from Parker’s Barbecue in Wilson, NC is the only way to go.

I’d still want the margarita, though.


Boy’s Life by Robert R. McCammon. It’s a lovely book, a wonderful exploration of childhood. It would help me to think back on my own childhood before the end.


Big Trouble in Little China. It’s a favorite of mine. And it’s about this jackass who gets in over his head in a strange world. Seems about right. After all, I’d be a jackass getting in over my head in the hereafter.


Pancho and Lefty by Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson. Not even sure why. First thing that popped into my mind. Maybe it just feels like a good song for the end.


My dad. We have a lot of catching up to do. I can’t wait to see what kind of business scheme he’s launched in the afterlife.

For more on Cullen, check him out at his official website, Amazon Author Page, or follow him on twitter and facebook.

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