“And then quite suddenly in another flash, as if lifted by a new strength and resolve, he leaped.” —Tolkien

I am not one for New Year’s Resolutions. It’s always seemed to be a fruitless enterprise, setting one’s self up for failure. That being said, last year I did post a list of resolutions at the behest of some of my friends and peers.

And then I forgot I’d made them, stumbling by sheer accident upon the list just yesterday. Let’s see how I fared.

1.) Write a minimum of 730,000 words this year.

Not even close.

2.) Prepare First Born for publication.

Nailed that one.

3.) Finish Shadow of the Wolf and Born Again for publication.

Nowhere near either.

4.) Write and submit more Landon Connors short fiction.

Nope. Not a one.

5.) Write a sword & sorcery/occult detective novella series.

Started it. Threw it away.
More details to come…

6.) Increase my presence in the gaming community.

Somewhat, but nowhere near
where I need to be.

7.) Read more and write more reviews.

About half.

8.) Write more about spiritual and metaphysical matters.

Far less than I’d hoped.

9.) Be true to myself and actualize my potential.

Fell short on that goal, I think.
All a matter of perspective.

0.) Make Magick. Every day.

Some days, assuredly.
Others, far less so.

Yeah, well, I knew there was a reason to steer clear of New Year’s Resolutions. I feel downright wretched about it, to be honest. That list was very doable. Maybe if I hadn’t bloody well forgotten the list altogether within a few weeks of scrawling it, I might have made some real headway.

But alas, didn’t happen.

I am tasking myself in this coming year with two goals, one to share and one to keep private. I resolve to see them both through. The one I’ll share is simple: I resolve to be the best I can be, each and every day, knowing full well that some days I will falter, but it will not be for a lack of trying.

The other, well, it can be accomplished, and I hope to see it through, but I’ve a start date in mind and a bit of chaos magick to perform to see it’s birth proper.

See you around this time next year and we’ll see if 2017 is a more successful turn than 2016 was.

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