My Favourite Movies of 2016

Another year comes to a close. I saw far fewer movies this year than normal, and they are very genre heavy. I’m sure I missed out on some great films, and one in particular, The Love Witch, is on my must-see list just as soon as it’s available for purchase.

Let’s have a look —

10: Warcraft

This movie got a lot of hate, but I enjoyed it over-all. It would have ranked higher but the ending really left a sour taste in my mouth.

09: The Witch

Nice, suspenseful period piece that was visually stunning. A little light on the scares, and I think it could have gone a bit farther, but it was a beautiful film.

08: The Invitation

This movie was just bloody dripping with tension throughout, and when it finally exploded — wow, what an unexpected, and very violent, twist.

07: The Nice Guys

My friend Doug pressured me to watch this and I’m glad he did. It was easily the funniest movie I saw all year, with terrific performances from the entire cast. The 70s never looked so good.

06: The Legend of Tarzan

Easily the most gorgeous movie I saw. As a huge fan of Tarzan, I loved the story and thought it really captured the feel of Burroughs’ most famous creation. Cast a different Tarzan and Williams and this could have been my number two.

05: Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

In a welcome return to Rowlings’ Wizarding World, this movie was hit or miss, but I was enamoured and glamoured by the possibilities Fantastic Beasts presented. I think future installments need some refinement, but overall a thrilling new franchise addition.

04: Captain America: Civil War

Marvel continues to deliver. With as many characters as this movie showcased, they did a fantastic job of keeping all the pieces moving.

03: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

This movie ranks as high as it does because of the Third Act. Acts One and Two were uneven, but the end was a fantastic culmination of what I had hoped for.

02: Suicide Squad

Wow, this movie irritated a lot of people. Not me. The soundtrack popped, Harley Quinn and Deadshot were slick, and hey even Batman was cool. I think the plot would have made for a better Justice League Dark movie, but I thought it was killer and easily the best modern DC movie to date.

01: Doctor Strange


Doctor Strange is arguably my favorite movie of all time. It pushed all the right buttons. Sure, there were a couple of sour jokes, but I can live with that. What it delivered was mind-bending special effects and the most resonating depiction of magic on screen I’ve ever seen. And the end, seeing a ‘super-hero’ defeat the Big Bad by using brains over brawn, was exactly what the Doctor ordered.

So there you have it, my Top 10 Films of 2016. I don’t expect many to agree with them and that’s okay. I look forward to reading your own lists.

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