…staying home to watch the rain


It’s just five days until the solstice, eight days till my wife’s birthday, nine days till Christmas, sixteen days till 2017…

Time is a social construct, an invention of the human mind to put convenient labels on change like mile markers stretching backwards and forwards in our material journey.

But just because it’s an illusion doesn’t mean it’s not real. Oh, believe me, it’s very real.

We feel the weight of it every day, on our mind, our body, and on our soul… Our spirit gets to remain apart from the crushing load of the passage of “time” and we hate it just a little bit for it.

Time is always there. Sometimes faster. Sometimes slower. But usually faster. It is an ever flowing conflict of perception. My son is alternately a boy and man. The calendar tells me he’s thirteen years old, but his birth seems forever ago, while his childhood but days past. His manhood seems mere minutes away.

Time may be nothing but an ignus fatuus, but its teeth are sharp and deadly. The spiritual side of me says “let it be”, but the father and husband in me says “not yet” and “slow down”, begging “let me live in these moments a little longer”.

Never forget: time is a four letter word.


What I’m writing:  Today? The introduction to tomorrow’s D&D session on roll20. Otherwise? I’m working (slowly) on that round robin story for Occult Legion and hoping to get back to Born Again and the Occult Detective RPG.

What I’m reading: Halls of Undermountain

What I’m studying: The Art of Longsword Combat, Book I by David M. Cvet

What I’m drawing: No pressing commissions at the moment, just a bit of doodling and sketching around.

What I’m watching: Deep Space Nine with the family, Critical Role, and Shut Eye.

Music I’m listening to: Listening to The Doors via Youtube; Badlands and Led Zeppelin during my commute.

Podcasts I’m listening to: Gordon White’s Rune Soup, Gamerstable

What I’m playing: Dungeons & Dragons 5E (live & on roll20), Star Trek RPG

What I’m anticipating: The Winter Solstice, Christmas, and Yule

What I’m obsessing over: Divination, Meditation, Astral Projection…and a possible new project for next year.

What’s next on The Occult Detective: The Occult Detective’s Last Writes with… Kelli Owen.


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