Spare Change

A close friend of mine recently asked, rhetorically, “Ever feel like there’s a big change in life coming your way, for no apparent reason?

I think this friend of mine was just picking up on what a lot of us are feeling. The US Presidential Election is a reflection of this. For good or ill, a change is not ‘gonna come’, it’s clear and present.

The sensitives among us have been warning us of this shift that transcends global consciousness, it is woven into the physical and metaphysical alike.

The ignorant among us lash out in fear. You see it from the Left and Right.

There is a current of change sweeping over us. We are in the midst of a transformation. We are at the threshold of a learning experience.

Our present physical manifestation on this plane is a painfully short one. This is a fact. As a race, we become so engrossed with money and power and security, when our focus should be on our connections with the people around us and the spiritual advancement of us as individuals.


Outside my window, a cat is eating the leftovers I set out for it, squirrels are gathering walnuts from the yard, and, in the distance, I see a vulture circling over the field out back.

We’ll be raising our Yule Tree shortly. It won’t be long now till we’re blanketed by snow. The seasons promise change and we weather those changes, because what choice have we?

This change upon us now is no different.

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