All Trumps must pass…

I had planned to begin a new feature today examining my magical and mystical meanderings but a funny thing happened on my way to the forum… America elected a new President.

I have cast my ballot in nine elections in all, and of those nine I voted Republican once, Democrat once, Independent twice, and Libertarian five times.

Being on the losing side of the equation seven times, I am no stranger to seeing someone other than the person I voted for in the big chair, but this is the first time that I’ve seen someone claim that seat by spewing racist and sexist rhetoric in such a fashion.

It is appalling and disheartening, but reality often is.

Donald Trump appealed to the worst in us and we took the bait. He won in a landslide and that says more about us than it does about him. It also shines a bright light on just how badly Democrats mismanaged their party.

These wounds are still fresh…

Donald Trump is our Commander-in-Chief and all I can say to my friends who are Women,  Black, Hispanic, Jewish, Muslim, LGBT, and Disabled, “this too will pass”.

And to my foreign friends, my apologies. Democracies tend to get a bit messy at times.

Here are a few of my tweets from early this morning:

Ladies & Gentlemen of America, this is your country regardless of who resides in the White House. Stay strong. Stay true. Love one another.

Help us Hunter S. Thompson, you’re our only hope.

A long, sleepless night will soon give way to morning. Do not surrender to fear. Do not surrender to hate. Let the healing begin.

This is what democracy looks like, people. It isn’t always pretty. Don’t like it? In four years you can change it.

Chin up America. We’ve always been great. We will continue to be so.


2 Responses to “All Trumps must pass…”

  1. David Solow Says:

    Just hope Hillary has headed for the hills.


    Sent from my iPad


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