Winter’s Promise

October’s gone, the celebration passed, another for the annals of history… The vibrant leaves are now beginning to dull, littering the ground as thousands of cast-off corpses. All that remains is winter’s promise, the cold kiss of frost…

This is, traditionally, my most productive season. The words tend to flow incessantly, with more purposeful intent. My over-active imagination at the worst of times becomes a creature unto itself, like a rough beast, its hour come round at last, conjuring malefic creations in the shadowed recesses of my little corner of Converse.


I have several projects in the works and a retooling, or rather a refocusing here at

Already announced: Last Writes, of course, which will be a wonderful insightful window in to the minds of a number of creative individuals. These will appear on Mondays.

I also brought up that I will be discussing OCCULT DETECTIVE: The Roleplaying Game more frequently here on these pages. No set schedule for these updates.

Wednesdays, at the behest of a dear friend, for the immediate future, will showcase a series of missives regarding my magical journey, while Fridays will become a sort of ‘works in progress’ update, just to let you know what’s stumbling and fumbling about in my gargantuan head.

So, breathe deep. Winter is coming and soon our world will be buried beneath a thick blanket of snow. The magic of October gives way to November’s chill… Here, we shall keep the fires lit till autumn’s return.

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