Happy ‘Birthday’, Landon Connors

Yes, fictional characters have birthdays too. Dr. Landon Connors, my psychonautic occult detective, was born November 1, 1976 according to my imaginary biography for him. Which I guess means today is his 40th birthday.


I tend to write the stories without any linear forethought. I bounce from this year to that, something akin to him sharing his adventures with me conversationally. Maybe someday I’ll arrange them into a proper timeline, but for now, I’ll raise a metaphorical horn in the good doctor’s honour.

Happy Birthday, Landon. Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration.

2 Responses to “Happy ‘Birthday’, Landon Connors”

  1. Well, hail the last scion! He who is completely amazed to still be in the same skin after 40 years.

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