Strange Days Ahead

bonesOne week till Hallowe’en? Already? Time flies when you’re having fun, no?

It has been an amazing month so far and the best is yet to come.

Later this week, I’ll be posting an exclusive interview with Greg Mitchell, screenwriter of Syfy’s Snakehead Swamp, Zombie Shark, and Ozark Sharks, as well as author of The Coming Evil trilogy and, just in time for All Hallow’s Eve, Dracula vs Great White Shark.

Also on tap this week is some flash fiction, a couple of reviews, or possibly even some harrowing true tales of the paranormal, but for now I want to make a little announcement.

Beginning on October 31st will be a new blog feature, something I’m calling The Occult Detective’s Last Writes. This will be sort of my take on the desert island meme, but with a more final twist.

I will be inviting various authors, artists, occultists, and paranormal investigators to answer a series of questions. I suspect their answers will surprise you…

I think you’ll dig it. And if any of you authors want to play along, drop me a line via email:



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