The Impossibilities are Endless


I have been excited for Marvel’s Doctor Strange since the very first hints of it a few years back. I am, without a trace of shame, a huge fan of the failed television pilot. The animated movie left me cold, however.

I hope that this latest Marvel venture manages to hew closest to the comics’ greatest hits.

Let’s be honest, the comic was brilliant on rare occasions and mostly mismanaged by writers who didn’t “get it”.

The idea… the concept… was generally greater than the finished work by far too many of those who had their hands on it.

But I want this to be great and marvelous and wondrous. The impossibilities are endless. I want to believe. I want to be swept off my feet… I want a magical experience.

The latest featurette has given me cause to doubt that it will be what I want it to be. Too much humour. Too many one-liners.

Still, I hold out hope. And today, I’ll spend a little time revisiting some of my favorite Strange comics, notably the Englehart/Brunner run from 1974 and the Claremont/Colan issues that closed out the 70s.

Strange days, indeed…


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