I seen me no hobbitses

Happy Erik the Red Day!

Kim, Connor, and I spent an absolutely marvelous morning on the banks of the Mississinewa, in a spot of woods we locals call Hobbitland, for the largest War of 1812 living history event in the United States —Mississinewa 1812.


We didn’t pick up much, but we really enjoyed ‘window shopping’ at all the vendor tents. Conn snagged a fox totem stone, Kim picked up some scissors, dried apples, and bought me a can of haggis, and I snatched up a little 15mm scale tin axeman.

The atmosphere was amazing but, even though the temperature barely cracked 50°, I was way too warm. I managed, however, and my spirits were doubly lifted by kilted drummers and pipers kicking up some dust through the crowd.

Few things stir the heart like the mournful wail of bagpipes.

Alba Gu Brath!

On the way out, we ran into Kim’s youngest sister with her new boyfriend and his children in tow. It was great to finally meet Tony and the boys. They looked happy together and that means a lot to me. Cassie lived with us for a number of years after her and Kim’s mom passed 13 years back. She’ll always feel like a daughter to me, so I’m thrilled to see a ray of sunshine in her life.

We hit a few rummages on the way home and snagged an antique wooden folding chair for a buck. Crafted in Ft. Wayne no less.

20161008_103544As we settle in for the afternoon, I have a lot on my mind. Conn and I have some work to put in on Occult Detective: The Roleplaying Game and I was invited to write up a book proposal for something really special that, for now, I’ll have to keep in the vault.

I’d also really like to put something together for Tor’s Open Submission Call for a non-European influenced sword & sorcery novella.

Lot to do. Not a lot of room for error on any of it.

It’s also Connor’s last day as a pre-teen.

Tomorrow, October 9, Leif Eriksson Day here in the US, will be Conn’s 13th Birthday. Time has flown and my spirit has joined it.

He’s always been a special kid. Tomorrow, he’ll be a special young man.


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