This sheet’s got character #OccultDetectiveRPG

Dice Upon A Time

A day late, but I did promise my Twitter followers a look at the current status of the Occult Detective RPG Character Sheet.

Here’s the primary stat sheet. Each ‘kith’, gets an additional sheet that covers their specifics.


For a closer look, here’s a downloadable pdf odrpgcharactersheet6.

This is the current playtest version of the Preternatural kith sheet.


As I’ve said, we’re making great progress on the nuts and bolts of the game and the graphic design elements are coming together.

My son Connor has been invaluable in this beast’s creation. He’s got a lot of great ideas and a knack for spotting logistical issues. And his playtest character is pretty slick.

Anyway, I’ve begun writing the core book and hope that by this time next year we’ll be able to get a killer version of this into your hands.

Happy Hallowe’en…

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