Casting the Runes

Dice Upon A Time

bgsm2My infrequency in posting is not due to fading interest in bloggery, but, mind you, an indication that I am hard at work further developing OCCULT DETECTIVE: The Roleplaying Game.

Chiefly, in the area of Character Creation.

There are a lot of elements to it: abilities, skills, archetypes, paths, sun and moon signs, rune casting, and even a pull from the tarot. All of these factors play into the character as a whole.

Finding the right balance is key and the mechanics are coming together.

I have created a number of games over the years, but never for mass public consumption. In the past, they have always been for my various gaming groups, but now, as I set my sights on a broader audience I am gaining a newfound respect for those who actually write games for a living.

This is a far cry from an easy task.

It’s one…

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