My thoughts on The Exorcist


While the rest of America looked elsewhere it seems, I couldn’t resist settling in for the promised thrills and chills of The Exorcist, which premiered on Fox this past Friday.

It’s ratings appear in line with what Constantine was pulling in. Unlike Constantine, there has been a resounding indifference from social media.

I’ve got to tell you, I enjoyed the hell out of it (no pun intended).

Perfect? No, not by half, but there were strong performances from Alfonso Herrera and Ben Daniels that show there’s promise. While Geena Davis does a good job of portraying a woman whose life is unraveling, desperate to hold it all together, and the young actresses playing her daughters, Brianne Howey and Hannah Kasulka, balance the yin and yang of sisterhood, The Exorcist will live or die by its atmosphere and dread.


First of all, I am thrilled they decided not to adapt the novel or remake the film. The Exorcist is one of the greatest movies of all time. You do not want the job of recreating scenes that are cinema classics, especially when it’s for a network television audience.

The cast, as I explained above, is solid and the story a compelling one.

Yes, Father Tomas dreaming of Father Marcus’ failed exorcism in Mexico City was a bit much, but it got us where we need to be, with Tomas discovering there is more than meets the eye in the Rance household.

That Mexico City exorcism, which invoked memories of both Lord of Illusions and the movie version of Constantine for some reason, was adequately done, but it was the final few minutes of the episode that sold it to me and made me anxious to see the next episode.

There’s been no shortage of good exorcism dramas on the small screen.I quite enjoyed ITV’s Midwinter of the Spirit, BBC’s Apparitions starring Martin Shaw was damn near brilliant, and of course Cinemax breathed life into Robert Kirkman’s Outcast which was a stellar ride as well.

The verdict is still out on whether FOX’s The Exorcist is going to pull this off. But if nothing else, the pilot gives me hope.


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