And so it begins…


I’m not going to pretend that this is going to be the Bobtober to end all Bobtobers. I have been somewhat ill for a while now and I am trusting that between the various doctors poking and prodding me, some magical friends bending the laws of physics on my behalf, and my wife’s persistent care-giving that my course shall soon be righted and I will be back to some semblance of my old self.

That is not to say that this year’s festivities are a wash. My top two priorities are spending some quality time with my lady love today as it is our 16th Wedding Anniversary and to see that my son’s birthday is a day to be remembered for years to come.

I will most likely be having a surgery or two at some point so everything else is up in the air, but I do most seriously plan to publish reviews of Judika Illes’ Weiser Book of the Fantastic and Forgotten, the majestic and inspiring English Magic Tarot, Martin Faulks’ The Emerald Tablet: A Commentary on the Path of the True Adept, Nick Mamatas’ I Am Providence, and Richard Chizmar’s A Long December.

I would truly like to hike out to the ‘Indian Cemetery’ near Taylor Creek, to visit some of my childhood haunts along the Mississinewa, and visit old friends along Goose Creek if the gods are willing.

I’ve an itch to attend Mississinewa 1812 and the Fishers Renaissance Faire.

I want to play Dungeons & Dragons and run more playtests of Occult Detective: The Roleplaying Game.

I had hopes to pull another Ellison and live post a month long serial as I’ve done in years past, but this year I think I’ll try some flash fiction and poetry instead…

I want to read the perfect Hallowe’en novel with the Water Street Book Club.

I want to watch some of my favorite horror and occult detective movies… and I want to discover some new ones.

I want bonfires and spellcasting, ghostbreaking and soul searching. I want another danse macabre. I want cemetery strolls and magick underfoot. I want to be surrounded by ghosts and ghouls and goblins…

I want to see First Born published.

And I want to share it all here, with you, my friends…

So let it begin, this fell Bobtober. Let it howl and moan with unfettered desire.

This witching season, we shall become more than we were…



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