My thoughts on Unseen Forces edited by J. Douglas Kenyon

These Atlantis Rising magazine collections put together by J. Douglas Kenyon have really been growing on me. I was admittedly a bit chaffed by the first few I looked at. I wasn’t in a good place and I was a little burnt out on the whole fringe science / global conspiracy scene. I’d been neck deep in it for forty years and I needed a break.

I blame reality television.

From all those programs with Ghost in the title (Hunters, Adventures, Lab, Mine, etc), to Ancient Aliens, Search for Lost Giants, America Unearthed, and a host of others, Reality TV really soured me on Fortean research.

Critical thinking was seemingly dead. It became a parade of bad science and lies by omission. These so-called experts were putting on a show, purposely distorting history to make their ludicrous theories seem plausible, throwing anything and everything against the wall to see what would stick.

The thing is, I was, and am, still a believer. There is a truth out there waiting to be found.

And that’s when I returned to the fold, because I realized that lost in that myriad of half-cocked, three-quarter baked theories are glimmers of that much sought after truth.

History is not fact. Science is not infallible. Alternative and unconventional thinking is often a rabbit hole of crazy that so many of us fall down, but by doing so, by clawing through it all, we are able to piece together a semblance of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but…


Which I guess is a round about way of saying that Unseen Forces: A Guide to the Truly Attentive, the latest release from J. Douglas Kenyon, culled from the Atlantis Rising magazine library, is well worth your time.

There are some fascinating articles throughout, such as Dr. Marc Seifer’s Nikola Tesla & the God Particle and Wallis Budge Gets the Last Word by Laird Scranton.

Do not just accept anything as gospel. Challenge everything. Think for yourself, but do so critically and earnestly. Remember, everyone has an agenda, even yourself.

Truth for truth’s sake, toward this boldly go…

And speaking of boldly going, be sure to venture forth to your nearest bookstore and peruse the “magic” section. Buy yourself a copy of Unseen Forces or something like it.

Take yourself a tumble down the rabbit hole.

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