My review of Crystal Skulls by Judy Hall


My introduction to the Crystal Skulls phenomena came by way of Leonard Nimoy’s In Search Of… in the mid-seventies. I was intrigued by the idea, of course, consumed as I was by all things alien, magical, and supernatural. My bookshelves were lined with paperbacks on Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Ancient Aliens, and Witchcraft.

So, if you were to ask ten year old me my thoughts on the Crystal Skulls, I would have been a believer and probably told you all about  Eugène Boban or Anna Mitchell-Hedges, about the various skulls in private collections and those housed in various museums across the world.

Ask twenty year old me and the doubt would begin to show. By that time, I had followed my obsessions to university. I was a student of archaeology and anthropology. I certainly didn’t want the enigmatic Crystal Skulls to be a hoax, but the mounting evidence could lead to no other conclusion.

But the idea behind the Crystal Skulls is a persistent an curious thing. There is a undeniable power behind this artifacts, sideshow sleight of hand or not and Judy Hall’s latest book Crystal Skulls: Ancient Tools for Peace, Knowledge, and Enlightenment is a balanced look at the phenomena of these mysterious objet d’art.

Judy Hall is a well known psychic healer and author, whose three volumes of The Crystal Bible line the shelves of most purveyors of so-called New Age mysteries. Hall has a comfortable writing style, coming across as both knowledgeable and somewhat down-home. You trust her words because she believes what she writes.

Divided into two parts, Crystal Skulls does a fair job of first exploring the various legends and myths surrounding these curios before moving onto the more esoteric uses of them. This is when the book comes alive as the author delves into crystal lore, offering practical guidance in selecting, cleansing, and attuning to your own crystal skull for a myriad of purposes.

I found Judy Hall’s Crystal Skulls fascinating reading, if for no other reason than it having magically transported me back to my childhood, to a time when items such as these were not a part of some elaborate hoax, but mysterious and magical artifacts awaiting to be harnessed.

Crystal Skulls is published by Red Wheel/Weiser and available wherever books are sold.


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